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Readers Will Thank You

Your writing will be received better if it reads better. Readers quickly lose interest in inconsistent, error-filled text. As a skilled copyeditor, I will make your writing cleaner and more engaging.

I Want You to Succeed

Writing that has not been professionally copyedited may be perceived as sloppy, amateurish, and not worth reading. Your hard work deserves respect. I will show your audience how great your writing can be.

Fresh Eyes Catch More

When you’ve spent so much time writing, reading, rewriting, and rereading your manuscript, you will likely overlook problems that are conspicuous to others. As a trained copyeditor, I offer a fresh, knowledgable perspective to help solve these problems.

Welcome, Publishers

In addition to working with authors directly, I serve publishers and publishing-services firms. I value ongoing relationships and work hard to ensure a consistent, superior-quality product, project after project.

My Hand Won’t Outweigh Yours

While style and language rules are important and an editor's personal preferences help guide editorial decisions, flexibility is a must. Occasionally (especially with fiction), some rules need to be broken to uphold the author’s distinct voice. You put time and thought into the words on each page; it is not my place to undo what you’ve done. Will I correct errors? Yes. Will I massage language to get the best result? Yes. Will I alter your personal style in the process? No.

Happy Authors

  • Happy Authors

    "Laura Petrella is one of the best at what she does. Without her help, my debut novel would not have made it to the #1 spot in its genre on the Amazon bestseller list."

  • Happy Authors

    "I’ve been writing books for more than twenty years, and this was the most thorough and constructive text analysis I’ve ever experienced. With a little shame, I have to admit: the result is better than the original."