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Serving authors and publishers, I specialize in copyediting fiction. My experience includes adult and young adult novels in a variety of genres: literary, fantasy, science fiction, historical, mystery, thriller, mythology, and general. I also have experience copyediting translations. When house style does not dictate an editorial decision, The Chicago Manual of Style is my go-to guide.

Each manuscript is unique, and I apply my skills accordingly. In addition to correctness, consistency, clarity, and conciseness, maintaining the author’s voice is of utmost importance. I know when to insert myself, but more importantly, I know when not to.

Editing is, to me, a fun and exciting process as much as a gainful trade. Through this industry, I have had the pleasure of reading amazing stories before anyone else and helped to broadcast breakthrough scientific discoveries to the world—truly awesome experiences.

Like many professional editors, I am educated, I have years of experience, I know the language, and I use my skills to make your writing the best it can be. Unlike many editors, I know when to leave it alone, I respect your deadlines, and I truly care about the outcome.