I understand and respect the specific needs of publishers. Deadlines are important, precision is important, house style must be upheld, and budgets must be met. Reputations are on the line. Publishers may contact me directly to discuss their editing needs.

Authors also have very specific needs, and I’m here to help ready your book for publishing. No matter how much editing your manuscript requires, I always respect your distinct voice. Please note that a manuscript ready for copyediting is completely written and fully developed.

So what exactly will I do for you?


  • Correct errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and usage
  • Ensure consistency and clarity
  • Create a style sheet to document preferred style and my style decisions
  • Ensure basic, consistent formatting
  • Point out and suggest revisions to confusing, wordy, or ambiguous areas
  • Query and/or correct inconsistencies in vocabulary, plot, statements of fact, and so on
  • Point out awkward expressions
  • Query and/or revise sentences to improve structure and clarity
  • Ensure figures, tables, and other display materials are properly cited, ordered, numbered, and referenced
  • Check textual citations against the references to ensure all references are cited in the text and all textual citations are referenced and ensure references and citations conform to the preferred style
  • Ensure all tables of contents, chapters, pages, sections, and other numbered elements are properly ordered and referenced
  • Query regarding possible permissions issues


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