“Anyone in the book publishing industry will tell you that you must have an editor, and Laura Petrella is one of the best at what she does. A good editor always sees what the writer misses. Our brains are wired to see what we meant to say and not what we actually type on the page, and Laura is especially adept at spotting bad punctuation, the ill-conceived sentence, and the occasional stray word. Without her help, my debut novel would not have made it to the #1 spot in its genre on the Amazon bestseller list.”

John Lyman
Author of God’s Lions: The Secret Chapel

“I’ve been writing books for more than twenty years, and this was the most thorough and constructive text analysis I’ve ever experienced. . . . [T]he observations during the copyedit put the finishing touches on the text. With a little shame, I have to admit: the result is better than the original.” [Translated from German.]

Bernhard Hennen
Author of The Elven

“Laura Petrella is on another level when it comes to copyediting. Her attention to detail is uncanny. I felt she was more than just my copyeditor, she was my partner, helping me make my story shine. My book, prior to hiring her, versus now is like night and day. She was efficient, professional, intelligent, reliable, and charming, and cared about the story as much as I did. Her communication was excellent, and she replied quickly anytime I had a question. She does not hold back on pointing out where the story needed improvement and what needed formatting, but does so in a constructive manner. I feel I am a better writer from having her involved in my writing process. I simply cannot imagine publishing something without her eagle eyes. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to have their book copyedited.”

Adair Hart
Author of The Awakening

“I’m awed by the meticulousness of your edits and insights. I also appreciate your reassuring and consistent communication with me throughout this process. Having you in my corner (and ’89 Walls in your capable hands) has been a tremendous relief and a 100% positive experience. Thank you!”

Katie Pierson
Author of ’89 Walls

“I chose Laura Petrella after an exhaustive search for the right editor not only because of the glowing accolades given by former clients, but also because she understands the importance of voice, especially in fiction. While she worked hard on my manuscript to improve and correct it, not only on the sentence level, but in terms of overall congruity, she respected my style and did not try to change it. What resulted was a much better novel. She is absolutely professional—punctual, thorough, and communicative. Throughout the process, Laura was a warm and supportive presence. I cannot imagine a better editor. I feel very fortunate to have found her.”

Sara Baker
Author of The Timekeeper’s Son


“Although I have written all through my long career in education, I had never been serious about writing fiction until recently. I went looking for an editor and chose Laura Petrella because she was experienced and familiar with the fantasy genre. She effectively took me back to school—writing school this time. I appreciated her patient guidance on how to tell an effective story. Her poking at my story’s soft spots was a wonderful help in developing my three-book series into a work to please the reader.”

William L. Culbertson
Author of King’s ExileKing’s Dragon, and King’s Crown

“I’d recommend Laura Petrella not only because she is a talented editor, but because she conducts her business professionally and is wonderful to work with. Very satisfied with her services. She’s definitely my choice for my next book.”

Valerie Davisson
Author of Forest Park, Logan Book 2

“It is those little, easy-to-overlook details that can make or break a novel, especially one that took twelve years to write. Laura Petrella unearthed those pesky consistency errors, the flies in the story’s ointment, and her helpful plot suggestions made a very big difference. Highly recommended.”

W. R. German
Author of Berlin: A Novel of German Reunification 


“I’m writing . . . to thank you for your hard work and attention to detail. I personally feel you did an excellent job on the text.”

Edwin Miles
Translator of The Elven

“Laura Petrella has provided several years of exceptional service as a copyeditor for our articles in the Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology. We appreciated her hard work and flexibility when it came to meeting our requirements and deadlines. Her attention to detail and resourcefulness has helped maintain the high quality of our journal. Laura was very affable and easy to work with. We would recommend her to anyone looking for a professional, accurate, reliable, efficient copyeditor.”

Yoram Tamir
Publisher of Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology